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New Blog Crush: I Want To Be A Fool

I am SO in love with this blog! (I want to be a fool) It feels like a life so so so different than mine---with a similar looking dog ;) but of a life that I want to see more about. I rarely ever post these sorts of things, you know, sharing links of other blogs, videos, and whatnot. I think I only ever have maybe a handful of times. I always swear to myself that I'm going to do weekly roundups (I really like them!) but I never, ever do them. Maybe one day I will. For now, I'll just drop in every three years with a link recommendation, haha. 

For now: Silvia Pogoda! I'm obsessed. With her blog, her photos, her videos, her art, all of it. She's also vegan! Which is in no way a requirement for me to love someone, I am married to a pork lover after all, but it's always interesting for me to find and learn more about vegan families across the world---- and in Poland? I want to know more. I love the contrast in the light and the dark. I like the moody whimsy of it all. I'm so in love with THIS post of raw, beautiful photos and words and feelings I can relate to.  And I'm in love with the idea of Silvia one day creating a children's book. I'm sure it will be stunning. 

Anyway, thats my thursday input for the week--- like, my color walls POST--- just wanted to brighten the week with a stunning blog belonging to an illustrator and photographer. It's no surprise that I love fun and interesting art :) I love all her art/prints. Amazing.

Find Silvia here:
tumblr (so much fun!) 
shop (I have some, I want more). 

Dear Silvia, can our dogs be friends? 

A Ridiculous And Fun Toddler Craft/DIY - A Jewelry Pom Pom Box

I've waited a long long time for these days. Long before having a kid, I knew my favorite thing would be crafting with kids. I was a big crafter growing up. My life revolved around what I could make--- even now, if I'm not doing something with my hands, my hands are lost and anxious. I grew up on craft parties--- sleepovers of groups of girls coming to our home and a crafting table set up for the bunch of us, whiny, obnoxious, and loud girls to make things to take home together. I look forward to those parties with Marlowe---- but maybe less girls ;) 

For now, I'm SO so happy to have reached this point with Marlowe. More fun than, our lesson in patience: pom pom crafts. This is silly, and really hardly worthy enough to be called a DIY--- but very much a fun toddler craft regardless. Don't worry, ohdeardrea wont be turning into a DIY blog--- but I realized we really do A LOT of diy projects around here, so maybe I should start documenting them (there were so many mis opportunities!)---- especially the ones that are more sentimental, like the ones with my growing colorful and rainbow loving kid :)

You'll need: 
a small wooden box
an obscene amount of pom poms
wood glue 
*realistically a glue gun might be best, but a glue gun and a three year old still sounds risky, I'll wait until she's four.

SO, decide if you're going to free hand it or stencil out an image for your kiddo. We chose a simple flower and I let her choose the rest. I tried to encourage her to stick with a four color theme pattern-- she wasn't having it :) I oh so patiently put my ocd aside and let her put red a little to close to green in her pattern. In the end, I learned to let go and she made the most awesome colorful box. If using the glue gun, Do the top first, let dry, then do the sides. The pom poms are not super sturdy when drying. DO use a lot of glue, the pom poms will soak up glue like a sponge. 

Tada! Toddler magic and a very happy momma welcoming the days of fun kid crafting into our home. Can't wait for the lanyard bracelets :)

(Marlowe's dress / & her amazing lion pillow.)

Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things


we borrowed a son for a day. we'd happily keep him forever. jams out, says "hey man!", and clears the table. keeper.

when our fridge is clearing, indian food. always indian food. black rice too.

the tiny serious chef. 

easy, guaranteed to please lunch, rice, beans, plantains on the coffee table. 

her boyfriend. they came over and asked if we could take a picture of them holding hands. 

you know, this.
our band photo, the flower crowns.
just kidding. not recent, but you can't forget this gem. from (THIS event)

I so love the rare toddler nap.

garden beets (and mini carrots too) for roasting.
a carpenter and his deck. 

beach days. 
signed up for e-pantry. wrote about it, edited post, &it disappeared. back again. do not(!) try the method daily shower spray, it's the most gag-worthy thing ever. BUT if you like eco-friendly products, e-pantry is pretty awesome. HERE is a referral link. Use "OhDearDrea" to receive 10$ off your first order and free shipping. Party on. 

lazy days. 

ps. If you didn't check out our mischief makers giveaway, it ends tonight!
&there's our casetagram giveaway too

An Ohdeardrea Giveaway: Casetagram!

Yay! This is my second time teaming up with Casetagram--- they're pretty awesome. And a customizable case that I can pack with color and/OR with an adorable marlowe? I'm into it. Last time, I went for a color bomb of a fun--- this time around, I figured I should tone it down a bit--- to something I love a bit more than color--- a flower holding, colorful marlowe ;)

Casetagram is great because it links up to your instagram, facebook, computer, whatever so you can choose your favorite photo(s) to create your own custom design---- just be warned, you will spend hours playing with this. The first time I did this, I really sat forever playing with the app, the second time, I was lucky to know exactly what I wanted on a case :)

On another plus side, Casetagram now offer a monthly program, so if you want, you can have a new phone case shipped out each month. This is great if you're particular indecisive. Or my favorite, you have the option of gifting cases to friends and family--- perfect mother's day gift, am I right? Totally.

Want a discount? Use DREA10 to receive 10% off your order! 

Casetagram is offering TWO ohdeardrea readers a three month subscription plan to Casetagram monthly! Just enter in the widget below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
 (US. &Canada only please)

Good luck friends! Happy cellphone case designing :)
PS. Giveaway celebration month is not over yet. I still have more giveaways planned :) 

A Butterfly Garden

that face?!
(she told me she was "allergic")

Marlowe has been asking and assuming our garden would be a butterfly garden for as long as we've been planning this outdoor space. She loves butterflies. So do I. Like, really really love them. I've been obsessed with them since I was her age. My grandmother once brought me back the most beautiful case of dried butterflies from Colombia and I treasured that thing endlessly until some punk friend of mine destroyed them. (Whatta jerk.) I don't think I fully ever got over that. Also, two of the pairs of butterfly wings that Marlowe owns were mine as a kid!

Like I mentioned in our favorite book post, we like learning about butterflies. We always make it a point to search for them in gardens--- our own and others as well. Forever ago--- well, actually probably almost exactly a year ago) we had the very special experience of thousands (yes, thousands) of butterflies surrounding us in a greenhouse. Now that she's at this stage where we can take in projects to not only have fun but also, to learn more too, we are. My sister in law gifted Marlowe one of those butterfly homes for christmas, and now that our garden is growing and full of plants, flowers, and other butterflies, it was time to take it out! It was such a fun and simple activity for us to enjoy together. And the joy it brought both of us to find the caterpillars bursting out of their chrysalis' was awesome (I squealed when I found them! haha). And then to set them free to join their friends? The best. Also, how adorable is it to have your three year old choose a butterfly outfit for the event and ask to photograph her butterflies before setting them free? Everything about doing this with her was pure joy for me and of course her!

fyi---you have to order the caterpillars separately or find some of course!--- otherwise you will get a lonely home ;)
Marlowe's butterfly shirt is from el sage designs--- a fun surprise gift we received earlier this year! Thanks Phoebe!
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