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You're A Good Mom

When driving to pick up Marlowe at school the other day I had a random thought about how after years of being a mom, meeting moms, dealing with my own mom(s), you quickly realize that moms are just people too. Some may not be as warm as you'd like, or as nurturing as you'd like, or as supportive as you'd like-- but that doesn't mean they're not doing they're best. Chances are they are. Just like with anything in life, we may try and try, with many failed attempts, but what really matters at the end of the day is how much you truly put your heart in, you know? And at some point you look at your own parents and see them more like *people* instead of *parents*. They're not perfect. They're flawed just like everyone else in this world. But they're doing the best they can.

I still look at my mom as someone who should mostly know best. I mean, to be honest, she usually does. Not always, but usually (love you, mom). Is she perfect? No. I mean, she has great hair, but she's far from perfect. But every single day, I can look at my mom and know that she's doing her best to support me and my family in any way she can. And for that, I can't thank her enough. 

For my mom, cards are important. She's one of those people who will stand there for-ev-er reading through every card to find the perfect one with all the right words. For me, it's a bit more simple than that. Sure, the words have to mean something, but the card has to stand out and aesthetically fit the recipient. A special card for my special mom. 

Hallmark Signature cards are fun, bright, and one of a kind--- just like my mom and all the other important women in my life ;) I'm not good at the mushy stuff, the sappy stuff, you guys very well know this-- I mean, I was just talking about it last week! But sometimes you don't need all that. Sometimes you just need a beautiful card with a note that says, "thank you for being you" or "you're a good mom." and that's it. Every day is a great day to tell the women in your life that they're awesome, but Hallmark Signature makes it that much easier on mother's day ;) 
so many awesome ladies in our life. 
I'm not perfect. And one day Marlowe will grow up and see that I'm just a person too-- a person who has done and will do everything to always support her and give her love. I may not have mushy words to tell her or write her long emotional letters, but I will support, be kind, lift her up, and love her every single day, in every other which way I know how. Because I'm forever grateful to be her mom. Moms, while they still may be human, are pretty spectacular.

I know my mom is--- and all the other awesome women in our life too. I am grateful.  

Hallmark Signature cards are available in the card isle wherever Hallmark cards are sold.
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Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things

homemade buckwheat cocoa puffs + blueberries in milk. From my new favorite cookbook (you know, other than my own cookbook ;) but seriously, this is going to be my new go to snack-- so much protein in those little puffs!
(both the bowl and sunglasses are from here.) 

mousetrap! I have to say, I never, not once have set this game up. not even as a child. I dont even know how to play it. 

silly girl. 

when you go to buckle your seat belt and realize, "well man, thats a lot of green stuff in my lap"

espresso and succulents. 

front porch hangs. 

just lots of stuff hanging around. 


jasmine from the backyard. smells so good. 

a rainbow on my leg and flowers on my bedside table. 

and more flowers. thanks babe. 

coloring is the best, really. our favorite coloring books

and from the other night! It was so chill--- so good! I'm happy to finally have made my backyard worthy of spending entire evenings in. ps. a surprising amount of people inquired about what disco ball I bought--- it was this one. it comes with the lights and all that jazz. we only used it once, but have zero complaints. I just wish it could always be set up-- you know, forever. But that's not really an option with any disco ball and rain! anyway, I wish I took more photos friday--- I did',t but thats okay, it'll have to happen again soon :)

Have a wonderful new week, friends!

Happy Friday!

Happy friday, friends! How are you guys doing? I'm mostly good over here. I've had self induced tummy issues all week--- ever since I went out and drank last friday. Lesson learned, my body cannot do alcohol anymore. Even if gin is anti-imflammatory, it is NOT my friend! ;) Honestly, it's sort of been a grouchy week over here. I blame the retrograde. (Always). Marlowe and I were mostly in a better mood today though, so thats good. Alex on the other hand is fighting off a cold or virus or something. I thought I was getting it for a minute yesterday, but I think I'm actually good--- that I won't get it. Knock on wood.

I do hope he feels better though! And quick! Because we decided to invite people over last minute tomorrow (friday). Nothing super crazy planned, but I did buy a disco ball. We cleared out our back pergola this week. And at one point Alex mentioned it was like a dance floor--- and so just like that, a mini dance party with, like 5 friends was decided. And a disco ball makes sense, right? ;) Haha, I'm not completely crazy though, I also bought the disco ball because Marlowe started planning her birthday party months ago and she wants a roller skating disco party--- or something like that.

Otherwise, I don't have anything special planned, but I'm looking forward to next week. This week was a bit of an emotional one for me. I just felt off--- and then I got sad news, that's been bumming me out hard. But I'm trying to focus on the good, because life is short. Too short. Oof.

I'm looking forward to crawling into bed. But also looking forward to getting out. I'm looking forward to finishing up our backyard space--- it's mostly cleaned up right now and we're getting new patio furniture in the next week or too. And I'm hoping to lounge out there beore it gets too hot. And I'm definitely looking forward to making last minute travel plans for summer. So many things feel so very up in the air right now, so there's no planning in advance for me. It seems everything will mostly be "see how it goes" summer. You know? I'm just looking forward to everything really.

The yard is clean, the house is mostly organized, I'm top of emails for the first time in a long time. I feel like the new computer has made tackling my to do list easier. It's silly, but good. It feels good to not feel so behind right now.

Okay, my mind is jello-y right now, I worked my butt off today in the yard. I hope you guys all have a great weekend-- doing whatever it is you love best and makes you happiest :)

OH AND PS, Speaking of last minute travel plans, we're heading to the LA area in the end of the may (for a friends wedding, yay!) The wedding is in/around Porter Ranch (thats a place, right?)-- do any of you LA area people have hotel/airbnb recs? We're 95% likely to take Marlowe with us too-- so kid friendly is preferred :) Thanks guys! 

India Feet, The Journey. Saying Goodbye To Oz

Clean All The Spaces

*this post is sponsored by Dyson.

It's almost embarrassing how often the conversation of vacuums comes up in my life. I've had a mild vacuum obsession since I was a teen. Or maybe once I got to college. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before. I think it runs in the family- my aunt obviously vacuums her house multiple times in one day (hi Claudia! Love you!). I vacuumed once a day when I lived in our old, smaller place, and I vacuumed once maybe every other day when I moved in here. But since getting sick, well, it's definitely not as frequent as I would like, but whatever.

We enjoy having a smaller house. Honestly, the house feels quite big to me- I don't know if I really ever considered it that small- but in conversation with friends recently it was pointed out, "Well you only have one living room, so technically, by American standards, that could be considered small." True. They're right, I guess. I never really thought about that before. It still feels like a good amount to vacuum, though, when you have to get under tables and couches, up high, and wherever else. 

And with this guy and an artsy kiddo around? Well, vacuuming has to happen quite a bit and it has to easy. I think I've wanted a Dyson for 13 years now. Is that weird, to be a teen who thinks having a Dyson is a good idea? Haha. Probably. But they're known to be the best-- with dog hair especially. And the new Dyson V6 Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum? That's the winner. I've literally had two people text me this month about vacuums and specifically that one-- so me writing this post is actually quite funny and perfect timing with the rest of life, huh? Haha. I'll be honest: the vacuum looks scary and complicated at first, but it's basically the perfect device to clean all the tiny cracks and crevices in this place. That itchy dog hair likes to hide in all those hard-to-reach places! 

I can't tell you the last time I actually saw him vacuum under the couch. The fact that he did this and proclaimed, "Well this works really well" makes my vacuum-loving heart so, SO happy. 

Look! And she can use it too! This corner and I have a love/hate relationship. I love her little space-- but there are always so many tiny papers and glitter and everything here! Now she picks it up all by herself! BEST THING EVER. Seriously, I never appreciated a light and cord-free vacuum so much until actually having it for myself. It's too convenient for our neat-freak space. 

Clean home. Happy home. 

Cleaning doesn't have to be a chore. With Dyson V6 Cord-Free Vacuums, you can clean from floor to ceiling with Dyson power, without the hassle of a cord. Clean carpets or cobwebs in corners, or convert to handheld mode for countertops, couches and car interiors. No more lugging, plugging and re-plugging the old corded vacuum—just undock and go. For more on Dyson Cord-Free Vacuums, visit www.dyson.com. Join the conversation using #NoSpaceUncleaned and #CleanEverywhere.

Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things

bougainvillea is always in bloom here, but we have the seasons where its REALLY in bloom and amazing. 

same with the jasmine in our backyard. it makes everything smell so delicious. 

she's a terrible cuddler really, but she gets it from me. 
also, now that i finally got shorts, you can expect them to be in all photos since they're the only ones that really fit. I'm a terrible fashion blogger, haha. but I am trying to link clothes more since you guys keep asking! :) 

basically every single day we do this now--- I pick her up from school, we head home and make banana strawberry ice-cream, toss it in a GF cone, and sit on porch together and eat it. it's the best.

"look mom, we took a selfie!"

coffee dates with him. decaf for me. and he said my cookie looked like poop. but whatever, it was delicious poop.

and popsicle dates with her. the lady at the farmers market makes the best ones--- only a touch of natural sweetener, coconuts from her neighborhood, all the good stuff!
glasses / hat

came home and found a giant stag horn on my porch. this thing weighs more than me! And better yet, we finally hung it this weekend. our backyard is pergola is looking nice!

silly lady-- but she's probably hiding from my snapchat haha.

our backyard turned into a tomato jungle this season. It's been great though! so many tomatoes! also, I haven't been a birkenstock girl since like, 7th grade. I never thought they were all that comfortable. But a year or two ago my brother accidentally ordered a kid size pair that fit me, so I took them in. And every so often I wear them-- well, two years later, they're broken in and actually quite comfortable. I still don't think they're all that attractive though. But whatever, again, not a fashion blog. 

cutest print. 

sunday mornings.

and our first egg! (they've all been so tiny!) hooray!