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Pictures Of Recently Enjoyed Things

a colorful temporary solution to a very sad ripped up couch :(
my favorite yellow couch is soon to be re-upholstered or out the door. womp. Well, it was well worth the 50 bucks, I can say that for sure. 

She built a lego "camera", set up her animals for photos, and now has a place to take pictures. The imagination going on in this space is perfect. 

her friend. my friend.  

a coffee shop date. 

processing flowers for the weekend.

it's a -cycle of collecting piles of things, picking our most used shoes, sweaters, and bags, and sorting the rest to a proper location- kind of entry way. 
hanging colorful tote is from this shop. floral bag on bench is from tukula which supports Ugandan artisans. 

"take a picture of me, next to these pretty flowers" says cinderella. 

more creative messes. 

Another book to add to our favorites list! you may or may not have noticed we're vegan ;) we have a collection of books from Ruby Roth, but hands down, this one (V is for Vegan) is our favorite! Absolutely our style with a focus more on the positives of being kind to the earth and everything in it--- great for vegans and non vegans too :) 

We said goodbye to our tomato plants this week. It makes our space seem more empty, but we're looking forward to using that new again space. Those were some yummy tomatoes. Raised bed tutorial HERE

her artwork. a beach family portrait. our family plus this one

pillow talk, pattern overload. 

a photo by marlowe. 

An Ohdeardrea Giveaway: Zazzle

I know mother's day is coming up--- I'm not sure exactly when of course, I struggle to know the day most of the time, but it's coming! BUT I am certain to what a lot of people (not just mothers) like as gifts---- something personalized. If I can throw a rainbow or flower pattern on something, then I'm usually pretty pleased ;) But that's just me---- and thats the fun part, being able to use your imagination to come up with a million ideas for the people you love (or yourself of course!).
This isn't supposed to be a review of zazzle, it's supposed to be a giveaway, but I wanted to tell you, I really enjoy using zazzle. It's an incredibly user friendly site, with A LOT of fun options. I made that mug up there^ maybe two plus years ago for my coffee loving mother for mother's day. For me, it was the perfect mix of fun (for me) and sweet (for her). You can see more pictures of my mother's home HERE :)

Need a gift for a specific type of mom? You can search gifts for new moms, gifts for sports moms (go boston?), or even just browse around mother's day cards you can personalize. But my absolutely favorite section? The CREATE page. I'm not kidding when I say the list of options are endless.

Zazzle is offering two ohdeardrea readers a 50$ gift certificate each.

Two enter to win: 
-simply visit Zazzle and leave a comment below, telling us what you would buy for yourself or someone you love if you won!

For an additional entries:
-tweet about the giveaway and leave a separate comment with a link to your tweet.
-pin this giveaway and leave a separate comment with a link to your pin!

*Please don't forget a bit of contact info/an email too! 

Want to do a bit of shopping now? Use code OHDEARREADER at checkout to receive an additional 15% off your order!

Giveaway ends next wednesday, at 10pm est. Good luck everyone! Happy Thursday! 

Vegan Pizza: Pesto Potato PIzza

Hey hey hey! It's about time for a food post, yes? Maybe not a really detailed one, or one with the proper lighting ;) but a nice short one to fill some vegan pizza needs ;)

Full disclaimer: I'm absolutely, 100% of the time a red sauce and cheese (cashew cheese) kind of girl, and when I want pizza, that is what I want--- it is the best. But this one? It's pretty good too. Not the best (for me and my pizza needs), but pretty damn good. And certainly easy! 

How to:
-pre-heat oven at 550, or as high as it will go, make sure the rack is pretty close to the top.
-swipe a good layer of pesto, lots of garlic-y delicious pesto on your rolled out dough. *I have a few few pesto recipes that I will be sharing ;) 
-place a thin layer of the almost transparent potato slices on top. If you're not great with a knife, then a mandoline, even a cheap one, will be your savior. 
-drizzle olive or truffle oil on top (yum!), sprinkle of salt
-turn on broiler, bake 4 - 5 minutes
-once you pull the pizza out of the oven, sprinkle on some mizuna, arugula, mustard greens, or your other favorite greens
-a squeeze of lemon, and enjoy! 

Easy peasy, right?  I like this pizza option, because it's easy to make, feels fancy, and doesn't seem like it's lacking when you skip the cheese, but if you really want to, you could put cheese on top, vegan or not.

PS. That American Blogger film I mentioned the other day? It's been released for purchase today (HERE). I'm in it a tiny bit--- just the right amount, in my opinion ;) In general, I'm such a documentary girl (the only kind of movie I like to watch really), so this was nice and something we totally would have watched even if I wasn't in it and didn't love the people in it--- I really do love some of them! After watching the film, my post now seems like an even more fitting addition to this blogging story :) I enjoyed it! Good job, Chris. High fives to you ;) 

Okay, I'm hungry and off to make a late (non pizza) breakfast to start my day! Happy Wednesday, friends! 

Colors In Outdoor Gardening! {Find Colors On Fab!}

I have, what I think will be a pretty awesome garden yard post planned in my head--- it's been in my head or a while now, but between computer crash-ings and bzz-bzz-busyness, our outdoor projects have been half-way on the back burner. I say half, because we still have a constant garden to tend to-- but all the 'extra' progress has been slow. But we're working on it! And for sure, the space is light years better than it was a year ago. The green is awesome, our plants are growing, but the extra colors need more uplifting, if you ask me. The mosaic stairs absolutely help, and a few painted pots too, but I'm always on the search for more here and there touches to make our outdoor space feel more like… home. We're all looking forward to spending more and more time out there and we feel it coming more with every little touch we add :)

I teamed up with Fab today to bring you my favorite items…. which of course… all happen to be pretty garden based… and full of color! Fab is great, there are SO much bright and fun home design items--- wants and needs! But really, I could lust over most of the products--- these are just the ones that would be in most need, within our budget, and add the best pop or color to brighten our slowly changing space :)

1. this door mat, perfect to make a point, you ARE home!
2. the prettiest woven trivet, to match my flower lust--- perfect for a hot pot of taco goods ;)
3. this basket---- no one is surprised. Every one (including Alex) has a basket obsession in this home, they're just so multifunctional!
4. floral garden sheers--- Alex looked over my shoulder and asked, "why don't you have these?" I saw my friend Halle had a pair a few weeks ago, and asked myself the same thing. Now I know where to get them!
5. floral garden tools--- again, perfection.
6. these plates! SO perfectly colorful for our outdoor meals!

Sign up HERE to receive 10% off your order. ps. free shipping &free returns. The best.

Other plans to brighten up our space include: planting more flowers, a touch of paint on our outdoor furniture, and hopefully, if time allows, sewing up some outdoor cushions! We keep falling more in love with our outdoor home :) 

New Blog Crush: I Want To Be A Fool

I am SO in love with this blog! (I want to be a fool) It feels like a life so so so different than mine---with a similar looking dog ;) but of a life that I want to see more about. I rarely ever post these sorts of things, you know, sharing links of other blogs, videos, and whatnot. I think I only ever have maybe a handful of times. I always swear to myself that I'm going to do weekly roundups (I really like them!) but I never, ever do them. Maybe one day I will. For now, I'll just drop in every three years with a link recommendation, haha. 

For now: Silvia Pogoda! I'm obsessed. With her blog, her photos, her videos, her art, all of it. She's also vegan! Which is in no way a requirement for me to love someone, I am married to a pork lover after all, but it's always interesting for me to find and learn more about vegan families across the world---- and in Poland? I want to know more. I love the contrast in the light and the dark. I like the moody whimsy of it all. I'm so in love with THIS post of raw, beautiful photos and words and feelings I can relate to.  And I'm in love with the idea of Silvia one day creating a children's book. I'm sure it will be stunning. 

Anyway, thats my thursday input for the week--- like, my color walls POST--- just wanted to brighten the week with a stunning blog belonging to an illustrator and photographer. It's no surprise that I love fun and interesting art :) I love all her art/prints. Amazing.

Find Silvia here:
tumblr (so much fun!) 
shop (I have some, I want more). 

Dear Silvia, can our dogs be friends? 
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